7 Ken Tai Jo with variations

This was the last weapon set that the late Saito Sensei developed and explore in three layers different strategic responses of Jo against attacks with Ken.
They are both beautiful and logical in their progression and in keeping with the fundamental theme of harmonising with the attack such that attack and response are one timing they confront not just the timing issues with different attacks but the different ‘rhythms' of the two weapons. In this seminar we will look in detail at this set plus variations for the first 5. We will also go over the original exercises found in the Traditional Aikido book series volume 2 where Sensei originally published 10 short ken versus Jo exercises in the 1970’s. These can be seen as fore runners for the final set that Sensei developed some 20 years later.


Ken exercises against more than one opponent and their relationship with empty handed technique.

Part 1 #1-7 Basic forms
Part 2 #1-3 variations
Part 3 #4-5 variations
Part 3 #6-7 variations